Thursday, 11 October 2012

Life Blessing

As I look back at the past year,
I see that it's all become clear,
That the way I wanted my life to turn out,
Was always just a doubt.
I thought I would of been happy that way,
But I was just pushed away.
I cried my eyes out every night,
And all we did was fight.

Before I decided to go down that road,
I realised that I would of ended up at the crossroad.
What I wanted, turned out to be wrong path,
And now I'm glad that I done the math.

I've gotten over all of this,
And now, My life is just full of bliss.
I realise that some things aren't ment to be,
Just so, Everything will turn out peachy.

Now, I look forward to each day,
Knowing that everything will be okay.
Turns out, everything that happens is for the best,
And I surely am blessed.

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