Thursday, 11 October 2012

Life Blessing

As I look back at the past year,
I see that it's all become clear,
That the way I wanted my life to turn out,
Was always just a doubt.
I thought I would of been happy that way,
But I was just pushed away.
I cried my eyes out every night,
And all we did was fight.

Before I decided to go down that road,
I realised that I would of ended up at the crossroad.
What I wanted, turned out to be wrong path,
And now I'm glad that I done the math.

I've gotten over all of this,
And now, My life is just full of bliss.
I realise that some things aren't ment to be,
Just so, Everything will turn out peachy.

Now, I look forward to each day,
Knowing that everything will be okay.
Turns out, everything that happens is for the best,
And I surely am blessed.

Two Households, Both Alike In Dignity

Summer Street Style

Paris Upper Class

Friday, 11 May 2012

Cries Of The Unheard

I look in the mirror and what do I see
Only a girl looking back at me
Who looks like a complete mess
Who just wants a life of success

With tears running down her face
While looking straight into space
Thinking about where it all went wrong
Wondering where does she actually belong

Wanting her life to progress
Without any of the stress
To become something more
And just to go out and explore

If only her friends were trustworthy
She wouldn't feel so lonely
Hoping that she will be loved
By them, and also by that one guy she always adored

All she wants is people to listen
That she needs help to take action
To have that bright future she wants
Just to get that tiny responce

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Isolated Heart

I sit there wondering,
If you cared or were you acting,
I was a fool to believe you,
And I'm too tired to argue.

Just go ahead and destroy me,
And just lie to me,
My heart is broken to pieces,
And all my stuff is in boxes.

I am now strong enough to leave,
I will no longer be deceived,
Just go ahead and fall to the floor,
Cause it's not longer you I adore.

You can't outrun this situation,
Now you have to suffer through this isolation,
And yet this violence makes me feel independent,
I will never have to be the descendant,
And now that these days have past,
This pain will still forever last.